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Wireless Communications Resource Management
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Traditional wireless communication books have focused on point-to-point communication, dealing with wireless channel capacity, link performance, delay performance. However, recent advances in wireless resource management techniques have not yet been deeply treated even though they are very hot research topics in academic areas and become very crucial in implementing commercial wireless communication systems such as CDMA 1x-EVDO, WiMax, and 3GPP LTE, etc. Lee, Park and Seo provide a comprehensive discussion on the state-of-the-art technologies of resource management in wireless communications. The subject is arranged in two parts: The first part provides basic concepts and background knowledge (including mathematical tools) required for understanding resource management. The second part provides detailed discussions on resource management techniques which play key roles in current and future wireless communication systems. In particular, resource management techniques are categorized into four classes - namely, bandwidth, power, antenna, and inter-cell resource managements - according to their objectives and focal points, and discussed in systematic structure. * Presents the latest resource allocation techniques for new and next generation air interface technologies * Arms readers with the necessary fundamentals and mathematical tools * Illustrates the theoretical background in a concrete manner * Gives detailed coverage on scheduling, power management, and MIMO techniques * Comes with presentation files of book figures for instructor use

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