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WordPress SEO Success: Search Engine Optimizati...
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For millions of WordPress website owners worldwide, search engine optimization is now utterly essential. This is the first book that teaches hands-on SEO techniques designed especially for WordPress users. Complete, realistic, strategic, and fully hands-on, WordPress SEO Success covers a wide range of relevant techniques and technologies. Leading web marketer Jake Aull covers tools built into WordPress, third-party tools that can be added to the platform, and external tools that work especially well with WordPress. Aull carefully organizes and presents content designed to serve three different audiences: hobbyist bloggers, web designers/developers and SEO professionals. Topics covered include: A quick review of the absolute basics: what SEO is and why you need it Comparing and choosing the best WordPress SEO tools and plug-ins for your specific needs Building a complete content plan that works: a strategic approach Performing digital audits of your own site Define SEO strategy and objectives for new and existing WordPress sites Identifying and researching keywords Hands-on SEO execution: new builds vs. post-integration Architecture: sitemapping, blog-meets-website, multiple blogs+sites, marketing funnel, and more Improving SEO even if you're running a free blog Measuring SEO performance: an easy guide to analytics Using social media connections to strengthen your search presence Optimizing WordPress mobile sites for smart phones and tablets Integrating organic SEO with paid advertising, and more

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