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Would You Like to Learn How To Use Evernote For Your Daily Life? This book begins by sharing an overview to make new users and beginners aware of what Evernote has to offer. It is followed by a simple set up guide which users can follow in order to install Evernote on their smartphones, laptops, PCs, or tablets. And are you a BEGINNER and want to know how to manage your life with 'Evernote'? In this guide, 'Evernote for Beginners', I will guide you through the simple step to manage your life with a very powerful tool, called 'Evernote'. Following this, detailed explanations are offered on Evernote's most known and main feature which is the ability to create notes and notebooks. It is then mentioned where Evernote is compatible, and which operating systems can use the differences of Evernote's functionality based on operating systems mentioned. Users are then run through the tutorials on syncing data and storage allowance on Evernote as well as methods of sharing different things. The different tools and apps that can be used in unison with Evernote are named as well as brief explanations on their functionality in order to give users and beginners a better feel for what they might like. Tricks such as alternative ways to use Evernote are mentioned as well as solid data entry methods. The effectiveness and usefulness of Evernote are named for specific factors such as for the home, school, or for work. The uses of Evernote on the ever popular social aspects as well as networking are mentioned along with recent news relating to Evernote and its presence. What You Will Learn To Manage Your Life with Evernote for Beginners: Chapter 1 - An Overview of the Wondrous Evernote Chapter 2 - Free and premium Evernote accounts: Setting up and everything you need to know Chapter 3 - Notes and Notebooks: An in-depth look Chapter 4 - Evernote on Various Platforms: Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Blackberry and Windows Phone Chapter 5 - Understanding and using Evernote Search Chapter 6 - Your Evernote everywhere on the go through online sync and cloud storage Chapter 7 - Sharing on Evernote Made Easy Chapter 8 - A Cruise through Evernote Tools and Apps Chapter 9 - Mind-blowing tricks on Evernote Chapter 10 - The Basics of Data Entry in Evernote Chapter 11 - Using Evernote in daily life: At home, school, work and in business Chapter 12 - Application of Evernote on the Social Scene and Networks Chapter 13 - Noteworthy News for Evernote And Much More! Want To Live Your Life the Easy Way With Evernote? Get Started Now! If you are a beginner looking for the Evernote guide to help you live your life the easy way, I will guide you through all the steps you need to get your life less COMPLEX with Evernote! Scroll Up and Click 'Buy Now' to Get Started! Download and begin to live your life the easy way NOW! And get access to a bonus! 30 TIPS & TECHNIQUES FOR INTERNET MARKETING THAT YOU SHOULD KNOW! The 30 Tips & Techniques for Internet Marketing that You Should Know, includes many tips & techniques for Affiliate Marketing, Article Marketing, E-mail Marketing, Facebook Marketing, Home-based Business, Internet Marketing, Leadership Skills, Mobile Marketing and SEO. (A PDF file with over 30,000 words).

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