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The Over-40 Digital Nomad
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The Over-40 Digital Nomad: A Practical Guide for Mature-age Global Adventurers is a blueprint for location-independent entrepreneurs - of any age. It outlines how to become a globe-trotting freelancer and provides firsthand advice from a number of over-40 nomads who are out there right now, living their dreams. They are online English teachers, Web developers, virtual assistants, SEO writers, translators, social media marketers, programmers, consultants, e-commerce experts and more. In The Over-40 Digital Nomad you'll discover: The 7 location-independent myths you should know about before taking the plunge Finding your niche - the most common (and profitable) nomad-friendly professions How to manage your money like a pro - whatever country you're living in The experience factor - what are the advantages of being a mature-age freelancer? Legalities - how to navigate visas, taxes, insurance, foreign laws and red tape Charging what you're worth - the art of negotiating sustainable 'living wage' fees for your services International house sitting, caretaking and other nifty ways to travel longer on less money Working smarter - no-nonsense productivity tips that can make you more profitable each day Health in a strange land - practical ways to stay on top of fitness and medical issues abroad How active is your passive income strategy? Proven tips for generating extra income streams Tech talk - essential gear every seasoned nomad should take with them Best of the best - the cream of books and online resources for aspiring DNs Plus tips, advice and interviews with mature-age entrepreneurs like these: · The drone-packing film-maker and his writer wife who drove a van across Europe and Canada while slowly building their online businesses · An escapee from the corporate world who swapped her 14-year career in IT management for adventures in Antarctica, Nepal, Alaska and Mongolia · The country-hopping family of four who juggle three income-producing businesses (including writing children's books) and cart Scuba gear wherever they go · The sixty-something travel writer and photographer who has visited 77 countries and owned a range of businesses, from a corporate PR firm to a snow-cone food kiosk in a Puerto Rico water park · The former commodities broker who now runs an eBay store, doing $30,000-$40,000 per month in sales from a small beach town in Thailand - in his board shorts

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