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The Startup Bible: 4 Books in 1: Startup Format...
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The Startup Bible contains Startup: How to Take Your Idea from Fantasy to Formation, SEO: The Practical Guide to Search Engine Optimization, Growth Hacking: Level Up Your Startup, and Startup Funding: Taming the Lions of Venture Capital.The fundamentals of building a business from the ground up are at your fingertips with this four-book bundle. Each book within The Startup Bible addresses a key element to creating a business for any budding entrepreneur. Avoid common missteps and pitfalls before spending a single dime by doing the right research. Navigate through the multitude of rookie mistakes with big price tags. Optimize your time, money, and effort straight out of the gate. This four-book bundle includes tips on: Developing your entrepreneur ideasApplying for your business licenseCreating your websiteMaking a brandUnderstanding search enginesThe importance of keywordsContent creationHow to gain reviewsAchieving market fitReducing your churn rateLeveraging your growthHow to present your funding pitchWhat questions to ask your potential investorsAnd much, much more The road to opening the doors on your own business is a marathon. Many components contribute to the success of the modern American startup. Give yourself a boost out of the gate with The Startup Bible. Learn how to build yourself a solid foundation. Learn how to hire the right people to elevate your business. Learn the tips, tricks, and best practices to take your business from an idea in your head to startup unicorn. Buy The Startup Bible today! 1. Language: English. Narrator: Sean Posvistak. Audio sample: Digital audiobook in aax.

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